Ideas for Taking a New Partner on a Date

Whether you met someone online or are just going on a first date with someone you’ve known for awhile, the first excursion out with this person is crucial to the rest of the relationship. If you have a bad first date, you probably won’t want to go on another and the other person may feel the same way. It doesn’t have to take months to plan the perfect date, but you should put more thought into it than just meeting somewhere and hoping you find things to do along the way.

How to Treat a New Date

If you’re planning out the first date, get your partner involved so that you’re not choosing a venue that they don’t want to go to. For instance, you might think that going to see a movie is a great idea and plan on going to see a horror flick only to find out, too late, that your new partner is petrified of horror movies and won’t want to go. You can still do all of the planning yourself, but it’s critical that you get some feedback from your new boyfriend or girlfriend before making set plans.

Ideas on Where to Go

Most dating couples find movie theaters to be a great first date. You can start the date off by going out for dinner or ice cream and then catch a good film. This allows you to talk over a meal and have the quiet alone time that you need to get things heated up. If you’d rather be more active, you can go on a hike with that person if weather permits or consider going to an indoor rock climbing arena. It’s crucial to keep the both of you active, either physically or mentally, so that there is no time for awkward silence. A dull date is one where you’d both sitting next to each other unable to find anything to talk about.

How to Save Money

Let’s face it, it can be an issue to spend a lot of money on a first date. After all, you never know if the relationship will even work out and it’s devastating to spend a small fortune only for that person to never call you back again after you both part ways. It looks cheap to use coupons on a first date, but you can save money by carefully choosing where you’ll be going. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on dinner, don’t go to the most expensive steakhouse in the city. For movie going couples, go to a matinee showing instead of a 9pm film and you’ll save tremendously. HBNewsNetwork has some great articles on other things to do while you’re on a date. Some women nowadays don’t mind paying their own way on a date, but it shouldn’t be expected unless they offer.

When To Know Things Are Going Sour

Even a perfectly planned date can go sour quickly if the two people just aren’t connecting. The best way to tell if your date is going sour is if the other person starts looking disinterested. They might stop talking to you, they keep their answers short when you’re asking them questions and they avoid eye contact. If they’re reaching for their phone to text other people, you may even want to cut the date short yourself. As for date etiquette, don’t use your phone unless it is an absolute necessity. Try to keep the conversation light and fun without too many personal questions that could take your partner by surprise. The key to a successful first date is to plan it out and let things unfold themselves. If it’s meant to be, it’ll all work out.


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