How Can I Treat My Allergies Before Allergy Season Starts?

Know Your Enemy

When it comes to the ever-looming threat of allergy season, many of us have cause for concern. Allergies bedevil many men, women, and children around the world and allergy season probably feels like more of a storm on the horizon than anything else. So how to then, might one try to weather the storm?

As all we can aim to do in this instance is weather it, what steps can be taken beforehand to further mitigate the issue. It seems that any number of factors can contribute to ones allergies becoming exacerbated during this time of the year; weather, temperature, pollen, animal dander, it’s enough to make someone feel like the planet is against them. But when it comes to treatments there are some things you can do beforehand to make life a little easier.



Imagine the embattled allergy sufferer, chances are you already know your allergy and have done the rounds enough to know the usual environmental factors that can make it worse. Likely you will also know which form of medication works best for you. Each situation is likely to be different, each person is likely to face varying challenges unique to their own circumstances.

However, let’s say for the sake of argument, you only attempt to tackle the problem when it arrives. That’s all well and good, there’s no sense in reacting to a problem that has not yet arrived. But bracing oneself for the inevitable onslaught of allergy season can work just as well.

Taking into account what you know of your own allergy, it’s a good idea to make yourself aware of environmental changes in your area leading into allergy season, so keep up with weather forecasts, local temperatures, and pollen count. Cleaning your home of dust and animal dander are other common steps that can be taken to lower the volume and number of factors that can trigger your allergies.


Pre-treat No Retreat

Often one can wait until the symptoms have appeared to begin treating their allergies, this is perhaps not advisable. Conventional wisdom seems to state that medication can be most effective if taken at the very first sign of symptoms in order to catch it quickly, and prevent it worsening.

It stands to reason that leading the charge against your allergies early on into the seasonal changes can make the allergies themselves easier to bear. Any variety of prescription and over-the-counter medication is likely available for you to use to treat your allergies. So, ensuring that you have them on hand leading into the allergy season may also provide a little piece of mind as well as preparing you for the season to come.

Season Go…

Ultimately the specifics unique to your own allergies and the medications and steps you use to keep on top of them will undoubtedly be measures you apply over the course of your life to ensure relative comfort during what is surely a difficult time of the year.

But taking the initiative and making the first move going into allergy season will also give you a significant boost and allow you to make the most of the changing seasons, as much as everyone else.



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