Interior Design Ideas for Newlyweds

Unless you had lived together before the wedding, combining two different households to make one that is comfortable for both halves of a couple is a challenge. Throw in the ton of wedding gifts you just received and you are looking at trying to combine almost three households worth of stuff into one.

Don’t let how you decorate your first home together be the basis for the first marital fight. Instead make it a recipe of compromise, patience and of course tolerance in order to create a home environment that you can both be happy with.

Whose Furniture do You Choose?

This is one of the larger hurdles and the first that should be sorted out. Otherwise you are going to end up with a house full of furniture and no room to make it a home. Pick those pieces that have the least amount of wear and that are able to fit with both of your styles.

When confronted with that one piece that one of you must keep, while the other hates it, this is where compromise comes in. At some point you are going to want something that your husband or wife hates too. Gently remind them of your deep loathing for their favorite armchair in your living room and you will likely get your way.

Your Design Elements

When you are trying to choose among your pictures and bric a brac, it is always a good idea to start from scratch as much as possible. These are items that are inexpensive to replace in most cases and can be those elements that the two of you choose together. Keep the items that are dear to you, but get rid of things that have no value to you personally.

Take the time to go shopping with your spouse and find decorative items that you both love. Especially in the bedroom, you are going to want to create a warm and romantic environment. This can be done using soft colors and design elements that serve two purposes, like candles and essential oil diffusers or Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp.

Candles work at creating romantic lighting, while an essential oil diffuser will constantly fill the is with a pleasant aroma. You can choose essential oils that are floral, herb or fruit scented. There is enough of a variety in essential oils that you and your mate are sure to be able to find one that you both like.

Your living room need not be as intimate. Here your design elements can be bold and reflect both of your personal styles, even if they are in conflict. If done right, contemporary can be blended with a love of classic decorating design elements to create a space that is not only cozy, but interesting.

The important thing about the design of your new home is that one half of you does not feel overshadowed by the other. This is a house that you are going to be starting your lives together in, and should reflect that by reflecting both of your tastes.

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