Get to Know the Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Known as the “king of oils” in ancient texts, frankincense essential oil boasts an astounding number of effective properties. From its positive effect on the respiratory system to its skin-enhancing abilities, this oil can safely and naturally treat numerous health problems.

Uses of Frankincense Oil

Soothes the Breathing

This oil acts as a natural way to help breathing when inhaled deeply. Its properties can soothe an irritated throat as well.

Reduces Tension

Frankincense is known for its calming effect on the nervous system. By inhaling the oil, you can calm down your body and rate of breathing which will help your mind relax. Inhaling this oil also reduces tension.

Benefits Oral Health

For centuries, many cultures have been using frankincense oil for oral health purposes. The oil has purifying properties, allowing it to keep the mouth clean. Plus, frankincense naturally combats bad breath with its strong and pleasing aroma.

Enhances the Skin

When applied topically to the skin, frankincense oil works as a beauty aid. Its unique chemical compounds help restore moisture to skin cells, allowing dead skin cells to disappear. Plus, this oil has serious skin benefits, allowing it to reduce physical signs of aging while making skin look vibrant and healthy.

Frankincense oil can also assist in reducing the appearance of scars and age spots.

Pain Relief

Frankincense oil is renowned for its soothing properties thanks to its highly unique combination of chemical compounds.. For this reason, many people use frankincense oil when they have head tension or tense muscle.

Improves Digestion

Thanks to its effective abilities, frankincense oil acts as a digestive aid when taken orally. By ingesting a few drops of frankincense oil, the digestive tract will relax so that food and gas can pass through more easily.

Relief from Insect Bites

Applying a drop of frankincense oil to an insect bite will reduce swelling and itching quickly thanks to its beneficial skin properties.

Cleaning Abilities

Frankincense has cleansing properties. Therefore, it makes a great household cleaner when diluted in water or vinegar.

As you can see, there are countless benefits of frankincense essential oil. This oil has been used for centuries thanks to its combination of properties. Remember to only purchase pure essential oils so that you can enjoy the most benefits!

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